R'int & Tialeth
Dragonriders of Pern

Name: Rint (former), R'int
Age: 19 Turns
Dragonkin: Blue Tialeth (Chaser)
Gender: Nonbinary Transmasc
Wyer: Ramora (AU1), Unknown (AU2)

R'int is an OC I've had for a while, with two seperate universes. The one I intend to play at Ramora, and the original. All of my characers are multiverse.
Ambitious, imbittered, and wry, R'int is a conniving sort with a pension for secondary motive. While they are not actively malicious, it is not uncommon for them to be mistaken as such. Simply put, R'int seeks the best possible life for themself, and anyone who gets in the way of that is seen as an immediate threat. This is doubled as R'int is disabled, with a bad left leg and poor sight in their left eye. Their ability to ride seems unhindered, however, despite their occasional use of a cane and a corrective lens.

While R'int is not particularly hateful to the wyerborn, they are immensely jealous of them. R'int sees the wyer as easy work, bonding with a dragon and being the most powerful and respected people across all of Pern. They are aware of the trials and tribulations that come with dragonriding and rearing, but see them as little more difficult than their life as a Hold servant. In fact, R'int may find their time in the Wyer easier, as their efforts are working towards something, rather than simply for the sake of some ungrateful Lord or Lady.

It is with great distaste that R'int deals with other recruits, generally seeing them as a distraction. They are respectful, of course, but don't make friends very easily, though the more persistant may eventually be given the "it's not worth shooing you away" treatment. Thus, R'int tends to be a bit of a loner, though this doesn't seem to bother them.

Beneath their soldierly duty and rigid form, a deep seething jealousy lies in wait. It's unclear just how far R'int will go to achieve their goals, and just who might get in the way of them.

NOTE: R'int is toned down for the Ramora forum. They remain ambitious and bitter, but are not likely to be much of a threat. In their original AU, however, they are meant to be a secondary antagonist, with plans to overthrow the Wyer and place those they respect in power, rather than dealing with those they do not.


Once discovered hidden within, Rint was abandoned by the first tithe, only to stumble across a second needing aid. Rint took no issue in helping, and recieved a ride to the Wyer for their troubles. The exact details of this seem to either be intentionally hidden, or changed readily, as Rint takes no interest in discussing anything about their life beyond their sudden and strange appearance at the Wyer.




Tialeth is an impressive Blue, with dark snake-like patterns down their back and arms and a lightened underbelly. Their membranous wings make for a painted midday sky, and their eyes glisten with a vigor only a dragon could possess.

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