Name: Thesaurus
Age: Mid 20s
Species: Lexiconian
Gender: Transman
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lbs
Sexuality: Gay
Alignment: Villain

Thesaurus lacks the sweet, light-hearted nature of WordGirl in favor of a more jaded outlook on life. He generally assumes people aren't as intelligent as him, doesn't enjoy educating others on anything he deems basic (but will jump at the chance to look smart nonetheless), and acts rather introverted. Much of his time is spent on his research, which can encompas anything that he happens to find interesting that day.
Surprisingly, his introverted nature isn't simply a desire to be left alone, but an inherent shyness that keeps him hiding in dark corners or only coming out at night. He's not very good with "the big city" and finds himself overwhelmed easily, or following along others who offer him help without much question. While not guilible, per say, he does seem to understand that the average Fair City citizen knows more about the area and culture than he does.
He's not really "evil" in the traditional sense, but does steal money on occasion. Thesaurus generally targets ATMs and other automated machines, simply to avoid causing a ruckus. He rarely damages property, and even more rarely lashes out against people, including WordGirl. Most of his crimes center around the coveting of information, stealing shipments of books, holding libraries hostage, or aquiring rare and antique texts. He scans books into his supercomputer to archive the information, and it's generally known that if he were allowed to have free reign of a library for a week, he would leave it in pristine condition when finished. Besides stealing rare copies of books and keeping people out of the building for several days, he's relatively harmless.
Thesaurus prefers to talk his way through things, and only lifts a hand to fight when sufficiently prompted. This can be a difficult task, however, as Thesaurus is quite good at talking, and will talk circles around others to avoid physical confrontation. He'll often throw in particularly large words or complicated topics to ensure his superiority.
Thesaurus is afraid of a few things, namely: spiders, dogs, sheds (because they could have spiders), and The Easter Bunny. He'll generally avoid these things or flee from them outright, usually abandoning whatever he was after in the process.


Thesaurus is a native of the Lexiconian solar system, but wasn't actually born on Lexicon. Instead, he's from a nearby area of space colonized by Lexiconians many decades prior. The colony specialized in farming, producing food and artisan goods for Lexicon. Thesaurus himself wasn't very good at this, and as a result is not as fit as he should be. His preference was for research, and Thesaurus built a small library to accomodate this.
His life on the farm was frought with peril, for no reason other than his own inadequacy. He struggled to work with complicated farm equipment, did not get along with his seven (7) brothers, and felt stifled by his overbearing and experienced father. Although he did just fine with detail work, such as taking care of the animals or planting in small gardens, those traits were not highly sought after. Most of his time was spent locking himself away, either in the animal barns or in his room, trying to research his way into being more prolific with farm life.
After eventually using said researching abilities to buy and "repair" a (junker) spaceworthy ship, he left his asteroid belt and landed on Earth. His ship is fueled by something which he claims is very rare, and will need a lot of money to obtain. Thus, he began his life of admittedly-mediocre crimes, usually trying to go about his heists as politely as possible. He generally has no desire to cause property damage or inconvenience others, but has a fiery temper when angered.
Thesaurus is known to actively prevent harm befalling other citizens of Fair City, sometimes saving people when WordGirl was unable to. He doesn't consider this hero-work, just a basic courtesy extended to fellow residents. Also, he doesn't like the idea of people getting seriously injured.
When not working on his ship, stealing money, or scanning books, Thesaurus spends his free time on research. His favorite passtime is correcting the grammar of self-published authors on various e-book websites.


As far as powers go, Thesaurus has similar abilities to Word Girl. He can fly, has super strength, super speed, and a rather profound grasp of the English language. However, he is not able to match her speed (as he lacks the stamina), cannot breathe icy breath (it's traded for a fire breath that takes a great deal more effort to use), and doesn't seem to have as good a sense of super-hearing as she does. He is also clearly part robot, which is neither explained nor mentioned.
The mechanical eye gives him the ability to quickly access his own personal thesaurus, while the super-computer cane he carries around scans new information, levitates small objects, accesses the internet, and occasionally blasts away opponants. His mechanical eye can also fire a laser, but he generally prefers non-violent methods of robbery.
  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Fire Breath
  • Astounding Vocabulary
  • Laser Eye (Robotic Eye)
  • Super-Computer Cane

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