Cayanne Pepper

"Cooking is the spice of life."


  • AGE: Adult
  • D.O.B: Summer
  • PRONOUNS: He/Him
  • RACE: Pegasus
  • RESIDENCE: The Crystal Empire
  • OCCUPATION: Sous Chef



Rough around the edges, Cayanne Pepper comes from a disparaging background. He was raised by his mother after his father walked out on the family. Much of his foalhood was spent sustaining himself while his mother worked hard shifts at two jobs. He always loved to see her smile when he had dinner ready for her, so he persued cooking as a hobby and, eventually, a career.

His mother remarried when he was still young, and Cayanne never really accepted his "new dad." He got himself in with the wrong crowd in an attempt to rebel, and spent some time in jail for several minor offenses. He didn't bother finishing school when he got out, instead heading right into the workforce as a dishwasher.

Despite his distaste for his step-father, Cayanne loved his younger sister dearly. It was extremely hard for him to leave her and his mom when he started getting his life together, finishing high school and getting into culinary school.

There he met the love of his life, Blue Wells, and now lives with him in The Crystal Empire after several job opporitunities opened up there. His sister comes to visit regualrly, and he's finally on good terms with his step-father.


  • Cooking for others
  • Exotic spices and spicy/flavorful food
  • Having his younger sister come visit
  • Hot weather
  • Living a more grounded lifestyle


  • Bland food
  • Cold weather
  • Most pets (he worries fur or feathers might get into his food)
  • Academia
  • Big parties


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  • Blue Wells - Cayanne's boyfriend and best friend.
  • Cinnamon Spice - Cayanne's younger sister. She was just going into high school when he left home. They have a good relationship despite their age difference, and love each other dearly. Both are pranksters and enjoy spiking each other's food with spices. They have different fathers.
  • Inkwell - Blue Well's cousin. He's only met her once, but knows Wells writes letters back and forth with her.

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