Blue Wells

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  • AGE: Adult
  • D.O.B: Winter
  • PRONOUNS: He/Him
  • RACE: Unicorn
  • RESIDENCE: The Crystal Empire
  • OCCUPATION: Author



An author that spends most of his time in his own head. Blue Wells (Mr. Wells by those who read his works) is introverted and thoughtful, capable of providing a great deal of insight even to the most complicated of situtions. He makes his living ghost-writing memoirs and autobiographies for other ponies, and occasionally writes an original piece discussing current events, major events, and strange phenomenon. He is also known to use ONLY blue ink. His writing is considered dry by less-snobbish individuals.

Blue Wells occasionally goes to book signings, both for his own and other ponies' works. This is where he's considered the most social, mingling with other authors and briefly entertaining fans of his work. He keeps a professional atmosphere and can come off as distant to more empathic ponies. Blue Wells is curt and punctual, and tries to keep conversations short. Some of the more stuffy of his readers thinks this makes him extremely elegant, but it's more likely that he's shy.

Blue Wells wears exclusively turtle necks and jackets, and is never seen without his glasses. Probably because he can't see without them.

Wells is a non-fiction writer, but can occasionally be persuaded to write Lewis Carroll-esque stories.


  • Writing (nonfiction)
  • Time to himself
  • Reading
  • Cayanne's cooking
  • Blue ink


  • Parties
  • Loud ponies
  • Dogs
  • Bland food
  • Crowds


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  • Cayanne Pepper - Blue Well's boyfriend and life partner.
  • Inkwell - Blue Well's cousin. They aren't very close because of her reclusive nature and his introversion, but they often write letters back and forth.

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