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Sparked during The Great War, Trailfire was one of many children of Vos to find themselves caught between both the devastating civil war and their rivalry with Tarn. While she did well to keep her place, Trailfire dreamed of the grand era they might enter after the war finished, with herself high up in the spires of Vos, flying with the best of them.

Desiring freedom from the rigid system, Trailfire once resonated with the words of Megatron, seeing the war as a necessary evil at first. As the darkness grew to encompass all of Cybertron, however, she began to question the eventual destination of the war.

The destruction of Vos, and everything she had ever known, was more than she could take. While a small faction of fliers had escaped the devastating blast, none of her squadron or neighboring squadrons had. Those lower-ranking Seekers went off to side with the Autobots, while the higher ranking-- including their Air Commander, Starscream-- knelt to the Decepticons.

Thoroughly displaced and unwilling to yield to either side, Trailfire resigned herself to flee of her own accord, vowing to destroy either faction should she ever have the misfortune of coming across them again. Using her near-unmatched (and now exceedingly rare) agility and aerial prowess, Trailfire was able to secure a small supply of energon and a ship that could survive long-distance off-planet.

Although successful, her actions were not without consequence. She could not obtain enough energon alone, and in a desperate attempt to remain online as her energon depleted, Trailfire powered herself down. Her course was set for what was hopefully an energon-rich planet. Trailfire fell into a deep stasis, not to awaken for many, many years.

She would not reawaken until her ship malfunctioned and crashed landed on Earth. Trailfire took to searching for energon, finding much of it mined already. With a mix of hope and dread, Trailfire set out to discover just who-- or what-- was mining energon.

It would be with a heavy heart that she discovered the factions which destroyed their world.


Trailfire was sparked a into a Decepticon frame on a Decepticon-controlled planet some time after the defeat & exile of the Decepticon race. Infighting was terrible, and without a cohesive leader, Trailfire chose to leave the planet in the hopes of finding refuge elsewhere. Knowing she could never find sanctuary on an Autobot world, Trailfire sought other displaced bots through her ship's communications network, forming an unofficial psuedo-movement that refused to align with either side, despite how they were born.

At some point during her travels, finding herself low on Energon, a mysterious stranger picked up her distress signals. Claiming to know of an unaligned planet that both had energy and a habitable surface, Trailfire began following the tantalizing promises of this stranger. Dubbing himself Megatronus, Trailfire would follow his signal to a small blue-and-green organic world called Earth; a planet he had claimed ownership of.

As they spoke, Trailfire's feelings towards Megatronus became increasingly confusing, particularly because he would not reveal himself to her. All she knew was his voice and wise words... and surely that someone like him couldn't be lying.

Trailfire's alt mode is based on the F-111 Aardvark and the F-16 Fighting Falcon.


Trailfire is a spunky, high-flying Seeker who, before the destruction of Vos, had high hopes of rising in the ranks of the Flight-class Cybertronians. Hyperactive and eager, Trailfire was a talented flier despite her initial modesty.

After the destruction of Vos she became bitter, disillusioned with both factions and vowing to never allow another to clip her wings again. Although always desperate to be in the air, Trailfire has no qualms with turning any stray Autobot or Decepticon to scrap.


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Trailfire is a skilled flier and accurate shooter.
Tenacious and bold, even in melee combat. Like most Seekers, she uses a flurry of kicks and knock-back attacks to out-speed her opponents whenever possible.


Starscream; Trailfire deeply respected the Air Commander during the time just before and in the early years of the war. As time went on, his image grew further and further from the brilliant leader the Seekers desperately needed, and he now stands as an aching reminder of what had been lost. Even after she seperated from the Decepticons, a part of her still highly valued her former commander, despite not knowing him personally... which was certainly for the better.

There was a time when the now-unaligned Trailfire believed in his words. Form does not equal function. The functionist society must fall. But as the years of the war dragged on, bringing about the fall of her home city Vos and it's rival, Tarn, she grew disillusioned with the cause. Trailfire has been left with nothing to believe in.

Optimus Prime; In the early centuries, Trailfire, like most other Decepticons, believed Optimus to be the catalyst for the war. His betrayal of their beloved, respected, and feared leader lead them into an age of darkness and death. As time passed, however, Trailfire began to see the duality of their destruction, vowing to never again be swayed by such ideals. If Megatron took all she had to believe in, Optimus solidified her hopelessness when he cast the AllSpark into the endless void of space.


Megatron; Known to Trailfire as Megatronus, unaware of his true nature. Trailfire has complicated feelings for him.