My OC value is calculated based on three main factors: the amount of art/writing they have, their original purchase price (if bought), and amount used for commissions of said character. MY OWN ART COUNTS. I do not believe in "art you make of the OC doesn't count towards its price," that sort of thing tells artists that their work is worthless and I do not believe in it. Your work isn't worthless.

Granted, if my OCs are up here, they're probably in their forever-home. I have no intention to sell the characters visible here, they are my dreamies, etc. But I still calculate the value, because it's something I enjoy, and getting into OC sale/trade has always been a fun sort of side-thing for me.

Please don't offer on anyone. If you want to buy something from me, check out my adopt/sales-specific accounts below!! x FurAffinity x deviantArt x Gumroad x credit