Albert speaks slowly and with purpose, and uses a deeper tone than the host, David. He has no desire to deal with people and spends all of his time researching epidemiology, virology, and similar sciences. He enjoys gene manipulation, hybridization, and other such experiments, and will only engage in discussion when something pertaining to him is brought up. He tends to be offputting even then.

Albert only fronts when taking control of a stressful situation, taking charge until things calm down. He is logical and level-headed, lacking an emotional reaction beyond "annoyance." His gait is slower, he stands up straighter, but he struggles to walk in the body, as it is disabled. He prefers to stand when able, even in a situation that others would deem "casual."

While it might seem scary, his status as a "manipulator" has more to do with the host body than with others. Manipulating the body to act a certain way and completely overshadowing all other facets. He can also manipulate a poor situation, freeing the body from it or controlling those around him. For example: when a friend became ill in a public place, Albert directed other friends to specific tasks (getting a drink, finding maintenance, etc.) and took charge when drawing strangers away from the scene.

Albert is not malicious and will not cause harm. He's straightforward and rude, often abrasive, but not particularly interested in causing trouble.

From Albert

"I have no interest in mindless banter."

System Relationships

  • Twilight is usually the only one that can talk to Albert.

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